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Welcome to the Landed Gentry family and your Home Warranty. 

We think it's wonderful you've chosen to make your home in one of the unique communities we've designed and built. We believe homes play an essential role in helping make life as good as it can be. Naturally, that belief doesn't end when you take possession of your home. Dedicated customer care follows each purchase, and we're committed to making sure your home and home warranty can help you create your best life yet.

Homeowner Resources

Landed Gentry provides a helpful homeowners manual with guidelines and tips to help you through the build and warranty process in your new home. Upon purchasing a Landed Gentry home, each buyer will receive a printed manual. For easy access we have provided links to commonly requested information below. 

Frazier Heights: Homeowner's Manual

Woodside: Homeowner's Manual

Alpine View Collection at Woodside: Homeowner's Manual 

Cambridge Commons: Homeowner's Manual

Woods Point: coming soon

48°North Anacortes: Homeowner's Manual


Landed Gentry provides a limited 1 year warranty on every new home we build. If you have any questions regarding your Home Warranty please refer to the Homeowner's Guide provided to you. 

Thank you again for choosing Landed Gentry, and for letting us play a role in helping make life as good as it can be.